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Graduate collection

Jen’s graduate collection of Jewellery documents her journey to learn Spanish. Inspired by the layers of foreign language graffiti she encountered whilst travelling, and the way she began to decipher words and learn new vocabulary from the graffiti of the countries she was in; she developed her own visual and kinaesthetic method of learning through making. Jen finds this to be an indirect way of learning where she is able to be creative and incorporate the aesthetics that lead her to her concept. She believes that the visual quality of her work acts as a reminder of what inspired her to start learning a new language and in turn keeps her motivated. As well as the graffiti influence, Jen also mimics the watermarks found in passports, which references her inspiration of travel. By combining the different shapes in her jewellery, she frames the evidence of her learning process, which she feels, holds great value.


Necklace: thread, wood, fabric, metal chain and rivits

Within this piece I have stitched the words LLUVIA (rain in English) and CUCHARA (spoon in English) as a method of revision.  I find that the time taken to stitch allows the new vocabulary to sink in as well as offering a variation in methods for learning new words as oppose to pen and paper.


Necklace: thread, fabric, paint, base metal, wood

This piece includes most of the methods of learning visible within this collection including stitch, metal stamps and graffiti style note taking on the laser cut wood.  Varying these methods create a really interesting learning and making experience for me.


Necklace: base metal, rope, wood, tipex

The layered wood within this piece contains graffiti style revision notes.  I hate throwing away notes, especially when you can see evidence of a thought process within them.  Therefore, within this piece, I have played with the idea of framing those notes instead of throwing them away, highlighting how I feel about the value of this learning process.




Bangle: base metal,wood

We constantly build layers of knowledge everyday, but for me I love to have physical or visible evidence of the things that we learn, or the thought processes we have.  This piece contains layers of laser cut wood including  my revision notes for this language learning journey.